NJTLT Scholarship Application

The NJTL of Trenton’s education scholarships are available for participants and staff. Most of the applicants apply for multi-year funding and return in the summer to work for the NJTLT, but it is not required. NJTL of Trenton offers a total of $15-$20,000 in annual scholarship stipends to participants. These scholarships are funded by:

• Charles Evans Scholarship Endowment (college)
• PACF NJTL Geisel Family Scholarship Endowment (college)
• Jim and Connie Clovis Scholarship (staff development or college
• Applications are due to the NJTLT office by June 1 of each calendar year, and recipients will be notified on or before August 1 to help prepare for the fall semester of school. If you have further questions, please contact the NJTLT office. Thanks.

• To provide financial assistance for preparatory high school or college education to youth who have participated in the NJTL of Trenton program or who have been employed as program staff.
• To promote the importance of education in life goals and the linkage of education with sports.

• A minimum of four years as a program participant or two years as program staff.

• Character
• Motivation to Succeed
• Minimum 2.5 GPA
• NJTLT Participation
• Financial Need
• Required Documents

NJTLT Scholarship Application

Annual scholarship awards depend on the performance of the endowment funds portfolio and other factors, the awards shall be up to $2,500 to $5,000 per academic year and shall be taken from one of the three scholarship funds or a special fund created specifically for education and funded by individual donors or from sources that the Board of the Trenton NJTL specifically allocates for scholarship.
The payments shall be made directly to the school attended by the scholarship recipient.
The scholarship shall be awarded to the recipient for the duration of the enrollment in the preparatory school or college/university, contingent upon the recipient’s remaining in good standing at the school and resubmitting the request for support each year. The recipient will also be expected, in general, to be involved with the Trenton NJTL during the period of the scholarship grant, performing activities such as helping with the summer or winter programs or both. It is recognized that this involvement may not always be practical. In this case some form of community service is desired but not an absolute requirement for continuation of the scholarship.

The Scholarship Committee shall consist of NJTLT’s Board Program Committee, the NJTLT Program Department staff and NJTLT Executive Director. The committee shall make its recommendations to the Finance Committee and full Board which shall give the final approval.
The responsibilities of the Scholarship Committee will include:

1. Oversight of the process for identification of potential recipients
2. Selection of scholarship recipients and recommendation to the Board
3. Tracking and maintaining a database on the recipients’ progress
4. Developing contacts with preparatory schools that would be interested in giving scholarships to Trenton NJTL participants and ensuring that these schools have good support systems in place for students that could be challenged by the adjustment from a public to a private school.

FOR QUESTIONS RELATED TO NJTLT’S SCHOLARSHIPS PLEASE CONTACT THE OFFICE AT 609-341-1698 ext 2 for Director of Programming, Denard McLendon or email him at dmclendon@njtloftrenton.org