Tennis Programs


 Kids Clubs

The NJTLT provides 18-22 weeks of after-school tennis instruction in school gymnasiums and community centers using USTA’s QuickStart format (short courts and sponge balls).  The program runs in partnership with the Trenton Public Schools, the City of Trenton and other after-school providers. The program concludes with the “Trenton Short Court Championships” tournament at the Sun Center Bank Arena.  All-star teams are formed from each school and compete against each other during a one day tournament.


Established in 1975, the NJTLT’s summer program initially began at one site with 30 youngsters.  It now operates at numerous sites with over 800 children.  The program runs for six to seven weeks (five days per week) during the months of July and August – ending with a family tennis picnic extravaganza. The summer program emphasizes character development and tennis instruction. It provides QuickStart tennis for younger players and beginner to advanced training or older children. Many additional opportunities are offered throughout the summer – field trips, Regional Rallies, US Open Kids Day trip, WTT matches, etc).  Many city and local organizations collaborate and utilize the program, such as the Trenton, Ewing, and Hamilton Recreation Departments, CYO, Boy’s and Girl’s Club, daycare centers, and the YMCA.

The NJTLT makes it a point to hire past participants and positive role models to teach during the summer.


NJTLT offers adult & cardio tennis lessons in the spring, summer and fall.  The programs encourage health and fitness and promotes interaction of the adults with their children.


The Ashe Program is designed for children who exhibit the four core values of the NJTL of Trenton (acceptance of others, responsible behavior, healthy lifestyle, academic performance) and who express a strong interest in becoming an advanced tennis player. Ashe Program participants are recruited from other NJTLT programs and require a parent/guardian permission.

Ashe Elite players (a subgroup of the Ashe Program) are required to be USTA members, so that they can compete in USTA Junior Team Tennis Leagues and USTA sanctioned tournaments.  In addition, they must participate in the National Student Athletic Contest, requiring submission of quarterly school report cards.

Some of the benefits of belonging to the Ashe Program, but not limited to, are:

  • Ashe players are given priority for indoor winter programs.
  • 1-2 players are chosen each year to attend an all-expense paid, one-week USTA National NJTL Leadership Camp.
  • 1-2 players are chosen each year to attend an all-expense, one-week USTA Eastern Section Leadership Camp.
  • Players can request tournament financial support
  • Players are eligible to work for the NJTL of Trenton
  • Players can apply for three types of college scholarships
  • Players are eligible for reduced or free equipment and tennis clothes


NJTLT contracts with other agencies to provide tennis instruction within their own programs. For example, NJTLT provides tennis instruction and opportunities for ARC of Mercer, Villa Victoria Academy, Trenton Catholic Academy, YMCA, Boys & Girls Club, Ewing Township summer recreation camp and the City of Trenton recreation department.