Specialty Classes

The following information describes the focus of each type of specialty class:


-Foot speed, coordination, balance, and overall quickness are crucial to a tennis player’s success. The focus of this lesson is to teach Ashe students how to improve overall footwork, athletic ability and train players on properly warming up their feet before a match. Players will be put through a series of footwork exercises intended to help develop a quicker first step and better overall footwork.

Angles & Positioning

-This lesson will be broken down into two similar but separate topics. The effective use of hitting different angled shots can drastically affect the outcome of a match. However, in many circumstances it is not enough to just hit a great angled shot, players will also learn how to effectively position themselves after hitting the shot so that they will put themselves in the best possible position to win that point. Ashe students will learn various activities (some without the use of a racquet) that will help them understand the benefits using different angles and how to position themselves in order to optimize success.

The Serve

-All of the components of the serve will be completely broken down. A major emphasis will be placed on the grip of the racquet, ball toss, windup (loading phase), contact point/wrist snap, and follow thru. Placement and spin will also be incorporated to help students understand the benefits of hitting different types of serves.

Conditioning and Training

- Strength and cardiovascular endurance are essential for a tennis player to endure longer matches. During this lesson Ashe players will be informed how to properly train and condition their bodies and learn the benefits that are gained through such exercises. Different exercises and activities will be introduced that will improve a players agility, explosiveness, help prevent injuries, and make the athlete stronger.

Use of Spin

-Mastery of the use of spin is a great asset to a tennis player. Players will not only work on effectively hitting different types of spin, but also how to recognize and prepare for different types of spin that your opponent will use. Ashe players will work on top spin, slice, and side spin…and how to incorporate depth, height, direction and speed with that spin.