History, Mission & Vision

National Junior Tennis & Learning of Trenton, Inc. (NJTLT), affiliated with the United States Tennis Association (USTA), is a nonprofit community organization dedicated to improving the lives of youths from broad socio-economic and cultural backgrounds with programs based on the ideals of tennis legend Arthur Ashe.  It is part of the National Junior Tennis and Learning network of 620 chapters with 350,000 participants founded in 1969 by Ashe, Charlie Pasarell and Sheridan Snyder as the National Junior Tennis League.

NJTLT, established in 1975 as the National Junior Tennis League of Trenton, today serves some 2,500 young people in the greater Trenton area, many of whom are at risk, with year-round access to its award-winning Nutrition, Education and Tennis Support (NETS) programs that often provide life-changing experiences.  In a recovering-but-still fragile economy, the NETS programs have never been more essential or in greater demand. Management’s challenge will be to meet these needs effectively and responsibly.

NJTLT has grown rapidly in size and effectiveness in recent years, and its accomplishments have been repeatedly honored at the national, regional and local level, including being named by the USTA in 2005 and 2007 as the NJTL national chapter of the year.

NJTLT generates a three-year plan that is updated annually by its executive director and its strategic planning committee.  The plan is based on the organization’s fiscal year, which runs from October 1 to September 30, and provides management with continuity of direction and purpose. Please contact management to view the organization’s three-year strategic plan.


The vision of National Junior Tennis & Learning of Trenton is to foster conditions that enable the youth of the greater Trenton area to lead physically and emotionally healthy lives and help strengthen their community as productive citizen.


The mission of National Junior Tennis & Learning of Trenton is to strengthen the character and enhance the lives of youths by providing opportunities and instruction in nutrition, education and tennis.


National Junior Tennis & Learning of Trenton believes at its core in the value of:

  • Healthy lifestyles through regular exercise, good nutrition and self respect
  • Academic Excellence and educational opportunities
  • Acceptance of other backgrounds and cultures
  • Responsible behavior at home, in the classroom and on the tennis court and in the broader community


- Maximize and diversify revenue streams
- Expand and improve physical infrastructure
- Strengthen Nutrition, Education and Tennis Support (NETS) programs
- Upgrade Organization’s Infrastructure and Financial Management